McNalty's Tavern, voted most non-existent bar three years running.


We’ve made it through another month folks! It’s time for yet another monthly newsletter. Unlike last month we have some actually big news.

Sports: We’re going to be gearing up a bit in the sports department in hopes to run a pretty functional sports commentary blog by the beginning of next year.

                College Basketball Preview: We’ll have a college basketball preview towards the end of this month, taking an in-depth overview of the forthcoming season. I’ll also be doing a deep dive into UofL basketball since football season ended on first down throwing the ball against Florida State. Fuck Bobby Petrino.

                UFC 229 Preview: I’ll have an in-depth look at the Khabib/McGregor fight and the undercard. It should be the biggest fight in UFC history and I’m very excited for it.

                Bellator Previews: The Semi-Finals of the Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix happen on consecutive nights on the second weekend of October. While Bellator lacks the talent of the UFC especially in the Heavyweight division, the grand prix format makes things lively.

                College Football Rankings: We’re going to start offering our super objective college football rankings every week.

                NFL Power Rankings: People fucking love rankings and we’re here for it. We’ll be unveiling our NFL ranking ever week as well.

Book Club: We’ll be unveiling the first three books in our new book club. They’ll come with ratings and a short review.

New Merch! We’ll have two more shirts coming out and hopefully someone reading this will buy at least one.

Other stuff: We’ll be announcing a date for the launch of our Game of Thrones series sometime this month, stay tuned for that. We’re also working on a satirical political video show coming to Youtube at the beginning of next year.