McNalty's Tavern, voted most non-existent bar three years running.


Did we miss the first of the month? Yikes.

Oh well, it’s time for another newsletter so here it is:

First things first. We’ve updated the website pretty substantially and added a lot of nice, new things.

Millennial Manifesto has gone live and currently has one article and one podcast. It’s going to be the home of all political commentary coming from us from now on. The podcasts will be monthly and about a specific issue. The first one we’ll be tackling is the structure of the American Government and it should be out Monday, the 19th.

This Degenerate Life, all of old content is still available but we’ll be undergoing a re-brand and bringing y’all something new at the start of next year. We’re going to make it an audio-book of s(h)orts. More details on that next month.

The Book Club is also live. It’s a running tally of all the books I’ve read with a review and rating for each.

The Supporters Club is where to go to give us money. It’s not a real focal point right now but in the future it will be. We’ll talk about it on the podcasts and what its purpose is. The short of it, we would like some money for the work we’re doing here and at $3 a month we hope that we can bring at least that much value to your life. Also, you get an introductory gift.

You’ll notice that we’ve deleted some stuff and moved some things around. We’re not completely finished with our work yet but we’ll get there soon enough.

Youtube Channel is our next big move and will hopefully be up for our second Millennial Manifesto in December, if not definitely for January.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to give us money.

Also you can subscribe to our newsletter on the homepage and we can send this to your email for you to not read every month.