McNalty's Tavern, voted most non-existent bar three years running.


We’re on time with this months newsletter for once!

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Millennial Manifesto: The first feature will drop on 12/2. In it we focus on the government, what it does and how it could be better. The second feature will hopefully drop on 1/1.

This Degenerate Life: As we mentioned last month, TDL is getting a re-brand. We’re turning it into a serial and telling the story of the modern undergrads and their adventure through college. Episodes 1-5 could be an early Christmas present for ya. After that the next five episodes will be released weekly. The show will be broken down into season, each compiling a college semester. The first season will run until around 2/13. With the second season coming out near May.

EndGame of Thrones: After some deliberation we decided to move the Game of Thrones podcast back until February. The plan is to release the first podcast six weeks before the show and follow through until the final episode.

Rendition: Rendition is a short story that follows a Hollywood fixer as he travels south of the border to recuse his high school love. 12/3

The Fire In The Night (Prelude): This is a short story that is the beginning of something I’ve been working on for sometime now. Not sure what we’re going to do with the story itself, but I’m going to release this part of it on 12/21.

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January 2019