McNalty's Tavern, voted most non-existent bar three years running.


Oh Glorious world! Folks we’ve made it another month. It was a long and weird month for me personally. I was in the middle of fucking nowhere for about half of it. I was able to get a decent amount of work done, though mostly not for the site. What I did get done for the site and what’s coming up this month follows:

9-3,9,16,23,30: This Degenerate Life- This month football season launches full out and your two favorite podcasters will surely cover it with all the dignity and grace that it requires. We’ll be adding a pick’em segment to the show for the NFL season. To go a little farther into that, I don’t really believe on betting on college sports, not because of some SJW reason, rather they’re simply too unpredictable and unreliable.

9-14(ish): Rendition- I’ve been working on an all new short story for a while now. While I was away I sharpened it up a little more and feel like it only has one more edit before I feel comfortable posting it on the site. This story follows a Hollywood fixer searching for a missing girl in Tijuana.

9-30: New Merch- We’ll be launching a new line of merch around the end of the month. Hopefully, it will be much more successful than our first shot at merch. You can check out what we have now at the store on this site, obviously. You can also use promo code: TDL20 for a 20% discount.

Tailgate Tales: This month will also see the launch of a new category of short stories called, Tailgate Tales. It’s a fictionalized recounting of some of the wilder times I’ve seen at tailgates.

Coming Soon: Later this year we’re going to come out with a Game of Thrones series of writings about how we think the show will wrap. It’s pretty likely that we’ll have a companion podcast as well. It’s looking more likely, due to poor merchandise sales, a very bad trip to a casino, working on a political campaign, binge drinking every Saturday that Louisville has a home football game, and soul crushing depression, that our planned video series is going to be pushed back to at least January.

That’s what’s going on here at the Tavern. Thanks for reading and continuing to support the site. Always feel free to contact us through the site or on facebook. Also if you’re trying to message me on facebook about getting your shitty song put on to my Sad Country Music playlist, feel free to fuck off.