McNalty's Tavern, voted most non-existent bar three years running.

January 2019

This Degenerate Life: The rebrand is finally here folks. The old TDL podcast will soon be gone and replaced by a book, that may eventually become an audiobook. The original plan was to try and make this an audio feature, but after some deliberation and what I feel were honest estimations of my own skill I’ve decided for now it’s only going to be in written form. The book will follow the adventures of a college freshman throughout his time in college and is hopefully pretty hilarious.

Millennial Manifesto: The first episode of the podcast has been up for a little bit and the written companion piece will come out 1/3. The first episode starts with the basics of government and talks about how we’ve become what we are today in a governmental aspect. The second episode which will be out later this month will talk about what it means to be American and what responsibilities that should carry.

Variety Blog: I’ve created a place for random blogs to have a home. Currently we have the rankings for the James Bond Movies. On Friday (1/4) we’ll be ranking the Avengers movies. Later this month we may tackle the Star Wars movies or might not, who knows.

Book Club: We’ve added four new books to our book club. The World Undone, Caesar: Life of a Colossus, The Spectacular Now, and Warlight.

Merch: We’ll be adding two new shirts to our store this month. Satterdays are for the Cards and a new McNalty’s Tavern shirt.

Supporters Club: Don’t forget you can support us by joining the supporters club for $3 dollars a month. This helps us increase our production, share our stories more places, and remain independent.

A word on the New Year

Last year, I started out to drastically expand what is produced on this site and the reach of it. While we didn’t come anywhere close to our goals, mainly because of how ridiculous they were, we accomplished a good deal. It takes a lot of time to do the kind of things that I’m wanting to produce here, but not only that, it takes serious hard work and creativity. It’s hard to work a full-time job and come home in the dark of the night and try to produce content. That being said, I wouldn’t call last year a failure. We didn’t sale anything, had zero people join our supporters club, and flopped on two podcast productions. But we reached double the amount of people we did last year, had far more clicks and pageviews, and most importantly got the ball rolling for 2019.

I wouldn’t say then that my goals for this year and what I want to do have been tempered, but they have changed from the plan of 2018. We’re going to try and get good at the things that we’re already doing. That must be the first goal of this site moving forward. We’ve certainly outkicked the coverage with a couple of the ventures that we took on last year and saw virtually zero results with that. Honest self-assessment is something that I feel is essentially to the path of this site and that’s what we’ll continue to do here.

The idea of doing video podcasts and starting a Youtube platform are definitely being put on the backburner in favor of producing two “books”. Our political coverage will all funnel through the Millennial Manifesto podcast and blogs. While all of our other pieces will either be variety blogs or perhaps a couple of stand-alone short stories.

I’m not exactly the type of person that believes in New Year’s Resolutions or attempting to change in any significant way through outside pressures. However there are a few things that will change in 2019 and a couple of sayings that are going to be crucial parts of the growth and success and/or failures of this site. I’ve recently started using Sam Harris’s Waking Up app and to be completely honest it’s changed my life in a way I didn’t think it would. It’s extremely hard to describe the impact it’s had other than after a couple of sessions you see the world differently and you feel better. As for those saying’s I was talking about:

“Finish everything you start.”

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

In essence we’re committing to doing what works and doing it better.

Thanks for reading, give me money!