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Ranking the Avengers Movies

A few qualifiers before we start. One, the Incredible Hulk was terrible and doesn’t count. Secondly, Into the Spiderverse is certainly worthy for the list, but isn’t connected to the Avengers series. Finally, we didn’t include any of the old Spider-Man movies, X-men movies, or Deadpool movies, because they too are not connected to the Avengers plot.  


19. Thor: The Dark World: This is just not a very good movie. It’s partially a rehash of the first and the new plot points are mainly just confusing, hacky, Asgard lore trash. 48/100

18. Captain America: The First Avenger: This movie at it’s worse is boring and just not very exciting. At it’s best this movie lays down the foundation for the series in, let’s call it a methodical manner. 65/100

17. Iron Man 3: Probably the worst twist in any Marvel movie and include very little Iron Man action. In retrospect they probably shouldn’t have even made this movie and it makes zero moves throughout the universe and adds little to Tony Stark, I can’t imagine why they made it… What’s that? It made how much? 1.2 billion dollars. 68/100

16. Avengers: Age of Ultron: Not a bad or boring movie, but it falls well below the level that came before and after. Ultron is one of the real drawbacks to the movie, along with weird pacing and a low amount of character development. 72/100

15. Doctor Strange: This movie looks a lot better than it is. The plot is almost incomprehensible in a comic book universe, which says a lot. To make a pun, this movie is flatly, strange. 74/100

T-13. Thor: The original Thor movie that lays out the key players outside of earth for the start of the Marvel universe. The only real problems with the movie is that it’s a little less superhero movie and a little more drama, which makes it drag a bit. 76/100

T-13. Iron Man 2: IM2 sees the real rise of Tony Stark and includes some excellent action. Mickey Rourke’s villain is a bit off, and some of the tie-in attempts are a bit stretched. 76/100

12. Captain America: Winter Solider: The return of Bucky Barnes pitted against his old best friend Steve Rogers. It turned around the Captain America franchise and entrenched Cap as a feature player in the further series. The plot makes some odd turns and the story is a bit by the book. 79/100

11. Ant-Man and The Wasp: Good but not great. Worth renting but not buying. It’s a solid movie with fun action and wonderful, hilarious visuals. 83/100

10. Ant-Man: It’s like Ant-Man and the Wasp but slightly better, perhaps even worth buying. 85/100

9. Avengers: Infinity War: The most recent Avenger which provides the foundation for what will be a fantastic end to a lot of our favorite heroes. The only real drawbacks from me for this one, the length (it’s long) and the ending, which presumably isn’t going to matter at all come May. 86/100

8. Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2: This movie brings back all the good things about the first movie. It’s corky, fun, and full of nostalgia. The plot leaves a bit to be desired, but the biggest drawback is that Kurt Russell doesn’t ever really seem to fit in place, and also might be God? 87/100

7. Avengers: The first movie that brought together the Marvel heroes. We see the formation of the gang and the rise and fall of Loki. The themes and direction of this film set the standard for the series and was a fantastic start to the story. 89/100

6. Spiderman: Homecoming: The latest version of Peter Parker feature a first in the series, a likeable and believable actor playing Parker. Tom Holland is perfect for the role and able to carry it. Michael Keaton as the villain and Jon Favreau as comic relief also play very well. 90/100

5. Guardians of the Galaxy: It’s fun, crazy, and cool. It combines so many different actors in perfect fitting roles. It set a wonderful standard for these series. 94/100

T-3. Black Panther: More in the vein of Captain America and Iron Man than Guardians it provides more action than most of the films in the series. Wakanda looks beautiful and feels like a magnificent and real place. Michael B. Jordan nails his role and almost stills the show. 95/100

T-3. Captain America: Civil War: This film sees the emergence of two new characters (Black Panther and Spiderman) along with the powerful forces of many other members of the gang. The central divide between Team Stark and Team Cap makes for great action and wonderful story telling. 95/100

2. Iron Man: If this movie would have been a flop it’s hard to say how these last ten years would have panned out. Fortunately, this movie was awesome. The iconic opening scene with Back in Black blaring over the speakers created a generation of comic book fans and changed cinema forever. 97/100

1. Thor: Ragnarok: The most fun, most action-packed, most hilarious film in the universe. It does things so differently than any of the other movies and melds together the more serious and more comedic movies perfectly. 98/100

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